FFPU Says No To Illegal Dumping!

FFPU volunteers are very devoted to keeping our forest roads and backcountry clean!

Cleaning up the Segelsen Forest Road, FSR #18

Every year our forest roads are hit hard by illegal dumping.  This is a very expensive problem and has led to road closures and restricted public access.  There are a couple of ways FFPU volunteers keep our forest roads and backcountry clean. 

The BIG North Mountain Cleanup by FFPU Road Adopters

We can adopt a road or special place and then periodically patrol these areas for garbage and remove it.  In some places this can accumulate into several yards of garbage a year.  Garbage attracts more garbage.  So what we have found is that by keeping garbage away from these areas, they are staying cleaner longer.

How could anyone leave a beautiful natural setting like this?  FFPU says NO!

You can also join, "work parties," where a larger group will go and tackle an extraordinary trouble spot and/or a long stretch of roadway.  We encourage people to experience the beautiful backcountry as part of our American heritage.  There are several primitive campsites along our forest roads where you can enjoy the forest canopy or the sound of the river.  Remember if you pack it in please pack it out and leave it nice for the next person to enjoy.

This campsite is looking a lot better since our FFPU "Friends", Don & Ed have been here to clean it up. 

This special place is now adopted by people who care and say NO to illegal dumping!  Illegal dumping is one reason we are loosing public access to certain areas.  Maybe the garbage you pick up next time will not be your own, but it will be part of the solution.