Support Finish The Loop!

So why do we support the DARA Div. for finishing paving the remaining 14 miles of the Mountain Loop Highway?  If you work closely with Forest Roads like Friends For Public Use does, you are painfully aware of the drastic budget cuts the Forest Service is facing.  To complicate issues we are seeing the effects of weather changes and roads remaining drivable further into the winter season.  We can't blame people wanting to access these roads to take advantage of being able to get out and enjoy winter hikes, the wild & scenic whitewater rivers and the unsurpassed beauty the Mountain Loop Highway has to offer.

Unpaved roads are faced with ongoing problems during constant winter use when they saturated causing deep potholes.  When severe potholes form drivers begin to drive around them and on the soft shoulders of the road.  Eventually the shoulders break down and often cause damage to the the ditches of a road.  This has been a serious problem the "Loop" has been facing and causing additional expenses to the Forest Service's already dwindling budget.  This road needs constant grading on the 14 miles of unpaved gravel road.  Paving it will eliminate grading and better enable this road to handle the increased winter recreation use it has been seeing.

Once the Mountain Loop Highway is paved it will be maintained as a Snohomish County Road which will  unburden the Darrington Ranger District which has many other Forest Service Roads to maintain accessing a multitude of outdoor recreation opportunities. 

When the the "Loop" becomes a county road FFPU will request to do be able to do our annual road cleanup work party and lend a hand for the roads we love!

To learn more about the Finish The Loop DARA Project see their webpage and the Mountain Loop Document below.

White Chuck Mountain along the Mountain Loop Hwy.
Mountain Loop's famous potholes
Mount Pugh as seen from the northern paved portion of the Mountain Loop Hwy.
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