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National Public Lands Day

Volunteer To Improve The Health Of Public Lands,

Parks, Trails, Forest Roads & Historic sites.

We are still planning our new project for National Public Lands Day which is September 30, 2017

Three federal agencies & 700 volunteers across the country launched the first National Public Lands Day back in 1994.  By the year of 2011 this movement had grown 300 times larger because the people care about their lands and their access to these lands.  Friends For Public Use now picks a project for this great event keeping in the spirit of giving back to our National Public Lands.

Our project for 2012 was to clean the Mountain Loop Highway all the way down to Barlow Pass.  This resulted in removing 21 bags of garbage.  Our statistics show that regular cleaning and keeping our beautiful forest roads clean, litter and dumping has been decreasing.

Our project for 2013 was to clean the Segelsen Road all the way to Cumberland pass bringing down to pickup loads of garbage and it looked great!

In 2014 FFPU completely brushed out the Mount Pugh Road to the trailhead.  The road was getting thick with brush and saplings WSU students volunteered making this job go so much quicker! 

By 2015 it seemed time to give the Mountain Loop Highway another cleaning so we set out to do this on National Public Lands Day.  While we were out working a tree came down blocking the road.  Good thing we travel with saws and were able to quickly get this very popular road reopened.

2016 FFPU put in a full day brushing out the legendary White Chuck Ridge Road, FSR #2435.  In spite of volunteers putting in long hours we still have a lot more work to do!  "Friends" could sure use more help!

We Always Welcome Youth Participation For Our National Public Lands Day Projects!

Please bring hardhat, safety vest or high visibility shirt if you have them. 
Wear long pants and boots and bring a pair of work gloves.

Many Hands Make Light Work!