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National Trail Day

Mark Your Calendar For June 3, 2017
Good trails don't just happen, they need a lot of work to keep them that way!
come join us on National Trail Day & Potluck Dinner donated by the community after the work day.  Friends For Public Use sets this day aside from our regular road work to help on National Trail Day!  Add your Darrington area trail project and support your trails!

This years projects will be the Forest Service Eightmile Trail & Snohomish County Whitehorse Trail

Nels & Roselie Rasmussen lending a hand on the Beaver Lake Trail

Hey we could use a little help here! The USFS Trail Crew begins trail repairs in mid-spring and will continue this work until late fall.  Every spring brings new surprises to the Trail Crew, washed out bridges and crossings, fallen trees and other obstacles making trails impassable.
  National Trail Day, the first Saturday in June, is a day set aside for volunteers to come out and help with the huge task of maintaining our many miles of trails.  Come out to lend a hand helping the trails you love on National Trail Day.  To sign up to work on the Eightmile Forest Service trail, contact Bruce Wolverton or Martha with  Friends For Public Use.  For volunteering on the Snohomish County Whitehorse Trail contact Amy Lucas or Martha.

So what sort of work do you do on National Trail Day?  Volunteers work at there own speed and type of work suitable for what they are able to do.  Some of the jobs are removing vegetation from the edge of trails, cleaning off bridges, removing debris and sometimes building trail reroutes. Learn more about volunteering with the USFS trails.
Building a new turnpike on National Trail Day

To volunteer on the Forest Service Eightmile Trail meet at the Darrington Ranger Station at 8:30am starting off with a safety talk.  Work will continue from last years project upgrading and rerouting the trail.  After the workday come enjoy a meal with all the other volunteers and feel proud of the great accomplishments!  See Flyer

Fortson Millpond along the Whitehorse Trail

To volunteer on the Whitehorse Trail meet at the Forston Trailhead at 11am.  Work being done will be brushing, removing invasive plants such as ivy, clearing culverts & ditches.  We wind up the workday at 4pm and off to enjoy a meal and fellowship with the other volunteers.  See Flyer

We invite diverse users groups to join in volunteer efforts to help with the trails they love whether it be a walking trail, water trail bicycle trail and more.  Show your support being in the great outdoors working side by side with family and friends both old and new while preserving the trails you love, a very important part of America's heritage.

Come enjoy a potluck dinner provided by the Darrington community after the workday and all enjoy the great accomplishments of the day!  The potluck starts at 4:30ish at the Darrington Rodeo ClubhouseSee Map Below.
Working Together
For Our Trails: