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Volunteer Trail Work And What You Need To Know

Remember, for any of the Forest Service work parties no experience is necessary, just a desire to work with some great people, have some fun playing in the dirt and help contribute to something that benefits all of us.

Please Be Prepared

We provide you with tools, hard hats and plenty of work to do, but if you want to help us out you need to be prepared.  This means being properly dressed.  The right clothes are necessary for your safety and we emphasize safety.

 When you arrive for a work party please be wearing:
  • A sturdy pair of boots.  Standard hiking boots are fine.  Tennis shoes are not! 
  • A long pair of pants.  No shorts!
  • Work gloves.  (We may have some available but if you have a pair please bring them)
  • We can not allow anyone who is not properly dressed to work.  Proper clothing is necessary for your safety.  Please bring your own lunch and snacks, but don't be surprised if goodies are being passed around the day.

Please Be On-Time
The work party will start at 8:30 a.m.  Please meet in front of the Darrington Ranger Station.  It is crucial that you be here and ready to go by that time.  Your crew leader will start off with a tool and safety lecture and explanation of what you will be doing on the trail that day.  We'll then head out to work along the Mountain Loop Highway.  You can pick your trail when you sign up or let us assign you a spot.  We encourage carpooling as parking can be limited at trailheads. 

Before we hit the trail we'll divide the work  into groups of five or six people each headed by a crew-leader.  There are many different things you can do depending on your level of experience or energy.  We need people to cut brush, saw limbs, re-tread trail and build drainage structures.  Don't worry if you had no experience with trail maintenance we love introducing new people to the joy of trail maintenance.

Resting And Relaxing
It doesn't matter how hard you work you're not getting paid!  We don't want you to work too hard so we'll have at least one mid-morning break.  We also make a point of all getting together for a long lunch.  It's the best way to get to know the people you're working with!  People usually slow down after lunch and take a break or two before heading back down the trail, but please remember the best time to take a break is when you want to.  We'd like to be back at the trailhead by 3:30 p.m. and then to the Ranger Station and onto the Grange for food, fun and prizes.