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Work-parties, Help A Friend & Announcenents

To contact FFPU about projects, volunteering or pending road problems please send us a email or call on our Darrington Strong voice mail at 360.474.7324.

Quilt Raffle Fundraiser

posted Feb 22, 2018, 9:45 AM by Martha Rasmussen   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 9:47 AM ]

We have been generously given this handcrafted queen size quilt to raffle to raise money for needed supplies and tools.  This quilt is a beautiful collection of colors and will certainly warm your home!  Tickets are $1.00 or six for $5.00.  Tickets are available at the Darrington Coastal Community Bank or can be purchased through PayPal.  When paying through PayPal please specify that your donation is for the quilt raffle where it asks Add Special Instructions.

A peace of mind

posted Apr 10, 2017, 9:06 PM by Martha Rasmussen   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 9:13 AM ]

In 2016 Friends For Public Use, FFPU, in partnership with the Washington Climbers Coalition,WCC, set out to once and for all fix the failing concrete ford at Asbestos Creek where the falls are on the Clear Creek Forest Road, FSR #2060. All concrete fords are true works of art when you study road anatomy but over their many years need some TLC like everything else. We set out on this task in October getting the holes undermining the ford cleaned out and pouring a base of concrete.  Then we set out restoring the edge on the outflow.  Later rain set in, then later heavy rains.  We all caught ourselves looking up to see if Asbestos Creek Falls would magically appear with all the rainfall and then it did!  The concrete had enough time to set and we wrapped it up to cure.  The winds began to biuld & the talk of going to get pizza seemed very appealing.  We took our soggy tired selfs to town only to find the storm caused a big power outage and everything was dark.  We dined at a hard working volunteer's home, dinner cooked over a camp stove of thawed pulled pork and instant mash potatoes, truly a wonderful feast amongst friends laughing about the adventures of the day but that's what "Friends" For Public Use is.

The following year WCC took on the big portion of the Clear Creek Ford and completed the job while FFPU was brushing out the White Chuck Ridge Road, #2435.  All of us felt a peace of mind as winter came knowing the ford on Clear Creek Road was ready to face many more winters providing public access to recreation.

Sloan Creek Road, FSR #49 Damage

posted Apr 10, 2017, 8:07 PM by Martha Rasmussen

Forest Road #49, Sloan Creek Road, took slumping damage at miles .6  The road has cracked and slumped (dropped down).  This road will remain barricaded until snow melts and will later assess the rest of the road and cost of repairs.  It is possible that this road may remain closed until funding to cover the cost of repairs can be procured.  Barricades were put into place to both protect drivers from hazardous conditions and to avoid further road damage.  If funding is prolonged for this repair FFPU will be calling a work-party to assure drainage is working the best as possible to avoid further erosion.

Work Party For White Chuck Ridge Road!

posted Sep 5, 2016, 11:02 AM by Martha Rasmussen

For National Public Lands Days we would like to have a work-party brushing out FSR #2435 which is the road to the White Chuck Ridge User Trail. If you want to keep your access to these places please consider lending a hand! Mark your calendar for September 24! We'll start at 9 am!

Suiattle Road Work-party

posted Mar 15, 2016, 6:56 PM by Martha Rasmussen   [ updated Mar 15, 2016, 7:00 PM ]

As part of the WSU Students Stillaguamish Valley Recovery Week of Service we will be partnering with them for a workparty on the Suiattle River Road, FSR #26 to remove blow-down trees, branches and clear ditches.  The work-party is this Saturday, March 19th, meeting at the Darrington Ranger Station 8:30am then head out to the road. We will start with a safety talk and crew signup. Volunteers must be wearing long pants & sturdy boots.  FFPU will provide safety vest, hardhats & gloves.... oh and the all essential garbage bags.  Hours of fun with FRIENDS & being a HERO!

One of the BIG hidden cost draining our budgets!

posted Mar 15, 2016, 6:33 PM by Martha Rasmussen   [ updated Mar 15, 2016, 6:59 PM ]

One of the BIG hidden cost draining our budgets is vandalism! Maybe some think this is fun or funny. The cost of replacing gates, shot up signs & rescuing people where they don't belong because they went beyond barriers is EATING Our FUNDING Alive!! Don't like the gates? Learn more why they are there.  Sometimes gates are put there to protect the road and sometimes to protect the driver!  It only takes a couple of people who are abusing our backcountry to ruin it for everyone else because of how much it cost out of an already dwindling budget to pay for the damages.  See something then consider saying something! Don't want more gates on roads forever?  Become an active steward for forest roads and educate others to do the same. Better yet consider joining us, a group that says no to abuse of our backcountry!  We don't just think about it, we work darn hard for our roads and we speak up for them!

Need Additional Funds For Clear Creek Road

posted Jun 29, 2015, 9:46 AM by Martha Rasmussen

The concrete ford on Clear Creek Road, Forest Road #2060 is in desperate need of repair!  We now have permission to proceed on this project from the Darrington Ranger District, the creek flowing over the ford is dry and a perfect time to work on this problem but the project is running $400 short on supplies to get it done!

Both underneath the ford needs work and concrete to assure the ford will last for another several generations.  If we can't save the road's ford it could result in loosing access to the Eightmile Trailhead, Bornite Trail and the 3 O'clock Rock.
Please Help Us Raise The Remaining $400!

Close Call for Forest Road #41!

posted Feb 3, 2015, 1:47 PM by Martha Rasmussen

Good thing we have dedicated people
looking for pending road problems!  When our volunteer Brian came across a buried culvert due to minor slide he was quick to respond and called an emergency work party. 

Water was beginning to flow down the roadbed which would have caused serious damages.  The inflow of the culvert was located by lining a tape up from the far end of the culvert.  The water to the failed culvert was diverted to the lower ditch using heavy gauge plastic sheeting and the digging began to get the culvert up and running again!

Once the culvert was reopened and the out flow cleared of debris the runoff was rerouted back to the designated drainage.  The debris blocking the culvert were used to repack some of the road erosion that had occurred and lower ditch cleared.

Love driving on forest roads and get where your going in the Darrington Forest District?  If you were able to get where you were going there's a good chance "Friends" had been there to make that happen!

Suiattle Road Reopening!

posted Oct 24, 2014, 4:46 PM by martha rasmussen

 After eleven years the Suiattle River Road will be reopening!  This will add two very popular campgrounds, the Suiattle Guard Station vacation rental and seven trails to enjoy!

Road Solutions Meeting Starting This Fall

posted Aug 19, 2014, 2:57 PM by Martha Rasmussen

Now that the USFS Sustainable Roads meetings are winding down we will be starting up our Roads Solutions meetings soon!  Many of our volunteers are skilled in areas such as forestry, engineering etc. We have our people spending hours keeping our roads clean, cleared and draining!  We have many of the tools to keep our roads open and healthy.  The final desission for the Sustainable Roads is December, 2015 and we don't want to see the budget cut for roads up to 75%.  We want and need our public access.  The Roads Solutions meeting will be a creative think tank with other allied organizations.

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