A peace of mind

posted Apr 10, 2017, 9:06 PM by Martha Rasmussen   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 9:13 AM ]
In 2016 Friends For Public Use, FFPU, in partnership with the Washington Climbers Coalition,WCC, set out to once and for all fix the failing concrete ford at Asbestos Creek where the falls are on the Clear Creek Forest Road, FSR #2060. All concrete fords are true works of art when you study road anatomy but over their many years need some TLC like everything else. We set out on this task in October getting the holes undermining the ford cleaned out and pouring a base of concrete.  Then we set out restoring the edge on the outflow.  Later rain set in, then later heavy rains.  We all caught ourselves looking up to see if Asbestos Creek Falls would magically appear with all the rainfall and then it did!  The concrete had enough time to set and we wrapped it up to cure.  The winds began to biuld & the talk of going to get pizza seemed very appealing.  We took our soggy tired selfs to town only to find the storm caused a big power outage and everything was dark.  We dined at a hard working volunteer's home, dinner cooked over a camp stove of thawed pulled pork and instant mash potatoes, truly a wonderful feast amongst friends laughing about the adventures of the day but that's what "Friends" For Public Use is.

The following year WCC took on the big portion of the Clear Creek Ford and completed the job while FFPU was brushing out the White Chuck Ridge Road, #2435.  All of us felt a peace of mind as winter came knowing the ford on Clear Creek Road was ready to face many more winters providing public access to recreation.