Close Call for Forest Road #41!

posted Feb 3, 2015, 1:47 PM by Martha Rasmussen

Good thing we have dedicated people
looking for pending road problems!  When our volunteer Brian came across a buried culvert due to minor slide he was quick to respond and called an emergency work party. 

Water was beginning to flow down the roadbed which would have caused serious damages.  The inflow of the culvert was located by lining a tape up from the far end of the culvert.  The water to the failed culvert was diverted to the lower ditch using heavy gauge plastic sheeting and the digging began to get the culvert up and running again!

Once the culvert was reopened and the out flow cleared of debris the runoff was rerouted back to the designated drainage.  The debris blocking the culvert were used to repack some of the road erosion that had occurred and lower ditch cleared.

Love driving on forest roads and get where your going in the Darrington Forest District?  If you were able to get where you were going there's a good chance "Friends" had been there to make that happen!