Illabot Road

Illabot Road Work Party is scheduled for July 28, 2012.  We will meet at the Darrington Ranger Station at 10 am.

Illabot Road is is about 23 miles north of Darrington.  This is about a 21 mile road with vistas of two rivers and surrounding mountains with cascading creeks and waterfalls.  Illabot is also access to the Slide Lake Trailhead and the user trails to Martin Lake, Jordan Lake and Falls Lake.  This road was subject to closure and is remaining open, (at this time).  Many people wrote letters in support of keeping this road open.  Now the question is do we have enough volunteers to work on this road to keep it healthy from season to season?  We have studied the road for work needed to be done:

2 miles at the Hilt Creek Falls we need to do a garbage pick, this is estimated at about 3 - 30 gallon garbage sacks.

At 10.2 miles log in road

At 11 miles 2 medium trees down in road

At 12.8 miles log and shattered Douglas fir in road

At 13 miles down tree and debris

At 13.8 miles minor slide blocking ditch, the fine rocks in this slide can be used to fill the big potholes in the road further down.

At 14.2 miles rock and debris in the road and ditch

At 14.6 miles rocks in road and ditch

At miles 16, at the concrete ford which has had minor slides there is some debris needing to be shoveled off and a silt filled ditch to be cleared.  Water is currently running over the road at this time.

At 16.3 miles down tree in ditch

At 17.9 miles large log in ditch

At 18.3 and 19 miles are 2 large potholes

At 19.7 miles the wonderfully unique Illabot Bridge's decking needs a good cleaning.  The Otter Creek Bridge was fine.

Very little garbage was seen on this road with the exception of the waterfall.