Forest Road # 2640 & 2641

Grade Creek Road and Roads To Tupso Lake

This road is in serious trouble! A long stretch of ditch has been cutting into the roadbed and is very close to taking the road all together!  If this continues for another season this road will very likely washout in 3 areas, the first and lower erosion will be at 6.8 miles.

The stretch of ditch that needs to be rerouted and cleared is about 1,500 feet as of last October, 2011. This taking you to Tupso Lake and Lake Louise is being called a dangerous road due to encroaching vegetation.  Since we have begun working on this road in mid August problem ditch lines have been cut back away from the roadbed, berms cut away to allow water to flow into ditches.

With the willow cut back most of the most problem areas of visibility has been restored and several turn outs.  Next season we will need to finish cutting back the alders and other scrub.

Working hard to keep our backcountry access on this road was worth all the hard work!  Now we still can hike to some amazing vistas and alpine lakes!  Thank you volunteers and we'll see you again on this road when the snow melts off.