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Friends At Work

Our first work party was on the Segelson Road, forest road #18.  We cleared 7.2 miles of road, ditches and culverts.  We also removed a lot of old garbage!

It was a drizzly October day when we set out to remove the encroaching alder trees making Bedal Creek Road, forest road #4096 a dangerous road for vehicle travel.  By the end of the day FFPU volunteers removed 1.2 miles of alder saplings and three turnouts on the shoulders of the road.

Ditches are constant ongoing work and good drainage is one of our passions!  On a rainy November day our volunteer Brian noticed that the Boardman Lake Road, forest road #4020 was suffering costly road damage due to blocked culvert!  Our volunteers got right on the job!  By the end of the work party we had the culverts open, ditches flowing and the gravel repacked on the road!  You would never have known that this almost disaster had ever happened.

"Friends" is our first name and friendship is bound to happen working side by side for something you really care about. Volunteering is fun, rewarding and a great way to make new friends and enjoy fellowship.  Our Friends, Paul, Don & Phyllis aren't getting bugged!  No product placement here...

What do you get for the gal that has everything?  Well for FFPU volunteer, Martha it was a custom painted pink McLeod the all essential road tool!  Say to a fellow volunteer "I hope I never have one of those women's tools for women that are substandard & painted pink".  Well Martha was gifted her very own pink McLeod which she always is sure to have with her when working on roads!

Volunteering on forest roads is a great way to spend time with your family and to live by example!  Mother Amy and her son Carter are knocking off from a long day brushing out forest road #4060, Grade Creek Road.  If it had not been for FFPU volunteers spending 154 hours brushing this road out it would no longer be drivable today!  It's hard work but at the end of the day you are grinning and why not!  There is something special about being able to say "I made a VERY positive change today!