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Why Save A Forest Road?

Forest roads take us to special places such as a favorite hiking trail, picnic spot or alpine fishing lake.  People of all abilities can enjoy the lush green forest, streams, waterfalls and scenic vistas  while driving a forest road.
Driving forest road #2085 to the Peek A Boo Lake Trailhead.  Without forest roads how would we access our trails?

The mountain vistas of White Chuck Ridge Road, forest road #2435.  Over the last two decades we have lost a large percentage of higher elevation forest roads and the astounding mountain vistas they overlooked.

Snowshoeing up to Texas Pond in winter

Snow shoeing and skiing the forest roads in winter is way to discover the roads all over again!  You will be amazed how many animal tracks you will see in the snow!  Neighboring wildlife makes good use of forest roads too!

Segelsen Ridge Falls flows right along the Segelsen Road, FSR #17, making this destination a place where people of all abilities can go and enjoy.  This road also takes you to the beautiful Cumberland Pass.

Fireweed and mountain vistas from Grade Creek Road, forest road #2640.  This is also the road that takes to the very popular user trails to Tupso Lake and Lake Louise.

A view from White Chuck Ridge Forest Road #23

White Chuck Road, forest road #23, is a beautiful drive where you can continue over Rat Trap Pass all the way over the Suiattle River & Boundary Bridge to the Suiattle River Road.  As you drive Rat Trap Pass, forest road #27, you pass the beautiful Rat Trap Pass Falls.