What Is Volunteering All About?
FFPU volunteers cleaning up Segelsen Road, FSR #18

There is a lot more to volunteering than just showing up to do work on a project!  Volunteering is a very powerful statement about people that are willing to give some of their time and talents to support what they believe in!  Volunteering can sometimes be a humbling experience and sometimes a very empowering one.  One thing that remains a constant, it is a way to live by example!

Spring cleaning opening the roads for the season

With FFPU, we are passionate about keeping our backcountry open which we feel is an American legacy to be cherished and passed down to future generations.  We enjoy working with other outdoor organizations and new volunteers.  The job we have given ourselves is a huge task to accomplish!  What we need to get to keep our public access to our public lands open will require the support and work of many people.  Did you drive to a trailhead in the Darrington Ranger District?  There's a good chance FFPU volunteers cleared that road!

FFPU volunteers Nels & Roselie have put in a full day!

What is it like at the end of a long day after a work-party?  Yes we are all pretty tired!  But the grins on our faces tell the truth.  There is something very satisfying and fulfilling knowing that you made a difference by living for a greater purpose and you just left a piece of backcountry better than you found it.

Moving the boulder off of Illabot Road, FSR #16

We don't just volunteer on work-party days.  We also adopt roads & special places, help with paperwork and finding funding.  We annually participate in Earth Day, National Trail Day and National Public Lands Day.  For those not able to put a day in out in the woods, people volunteer a potluck to feed the hungry crews on these days.

There's a lot more to volunteering! 
It is a way of life and a very powerful statement about what you think is important!