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Darrington District Adopted Roads

Current Roads Adopted Outside Of The
Darrington Ranger District:

Illabot Creek Road, FS # 16:  Adopted by Paul Wagner

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NameAdoptedNot AdoptedDescription
NameAdoptedNot AdoptedDescription
Ashland Lakes Road, FS #4021   This is the road that goes to Ashland Lakes & Bear Lake trailheads 
Bedal Creek Road, FS #4096   This is the road to Bedal Creek trail, a climbing route, Chockwich Mtn. Bike Trail and Edith Falls 
Boardman LakeRoad, FS #4020    
Clear Creek Road, FS #2060    
Coal Lake Road, FS #4060    
Falls Creek Road, FS #2080   This is the portion of FS #2080 past the gate to Falls Creek Falls 
Forest Road #4030    
Forest Road #4032    
Forest Road # 41   This is the road to Three Fingers Lookout, Meadow Mountain & Saddle Lake 
French Creek Road, FS #2010   This is the road that goes up to Boulder River Trail and Feature Show Falls 
Goat Lake/Elliott Creek, FS # 4080   This is the road that goes up to Goat Lake & Chockwich Falls Trails 
Gold Hill, FS #24   Scenic drive and access to the sweet springs and #2435 - White Chuck Ridge 
Grade Creek Roads, FS #2640 & #2642   The roads to Tupso Lake 
Helena Ridge, FS #2070 to FS #2075 & #2076   FS #2070 to the junction and #2075 continuing to #2076 
Helena Ridge Road #2070   Past the junction of FS #2075 
Kelcema Lake, FS #4052   This is the road that goes up to Kelcema Lake Trail 
Mt. Pugh, Forest Road #2095   This is the road that goes up to the Mount Pugh Trailhead 
Neiderprum Road, FS #2030   This is the road that goes up to the Neiderprum Trail & Snow Gulch 
North Mountain, Forest Road #28, 2820   These are the North Mountain roads to Twin Bridges 
North Mountain, FS #2811   This road accesses North Mountain on the southern end 
North Mountain, FSR #2810   This is the road from FSR#28 to North Mountain Lookout 
Peek - A - Boo Lake Roads, FS # 2080, 2081, 2085, 2086   This may feel like all one road when you drive to the trailhead but it is a series of roads 
Perry Creek Road, FS #4063    
Pilchuck Road, FS #42   This is the road that goes to the trailheads to Heather Lake and Pilchuck Lookout 
Pilchuck Road, FS #42   This is the road that goes up to Mt. Pilchuck Lookout Trail 
Rat Trap Pass, Forest Road #27     
Segelson Road,Forest Road #18    FS #18 to FS #17 to the Cumberland Pass. Adopted by the Swede Heaven Community 
Sloan Creek Road, FS #49   This important road accesses several trail and the PCT 
Squire Creek Pass, FS #2040   This road accesses the Squire Creek Pass Trailhead 
Suiattle River Road   This is a very important road accessing many trails and the PCT 
Sunrise Mine Road, FS #4065    
Tenas Creek Road, FS #2660   This is the road to the Boulder Lake Trailhead 
White Chuck Boat Launch   This is the boat launch at the conflunances of White Chuck & Suiattle Rivers 
White Chuck Ridge/Upper Conn, FS #2435 - 36   This is the winding roller coaster road to the White Chuck Ridge 
White Chuck Road, Forest Road #23   This road connects from the Mountain Loop Highway to Rat Trap Pass 
Showing 35 items