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Darrington District Adopted Roads

Friends For Public Use has a volunteer contract to do a scope of work on forest roads within the Darrington Ranger Distrct.  We currently work on roads north of Barlow Pass, Boulder River to the west, Gold Hill - White Chuck Mountain to the east, North Mountain to the North and all they way to the roads within the Suiattle River drainage.

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Road NumberNameAdoptedNot AdoptedDescription
Road NumberNameAdoptedNot AdoptedDescription
FSR #49 Sloan Creek Road   This important road accesses several trail and the PCT 
FSR #4096 Bedal Creek Road   This is the road to Bedal Creek trail, a climbing route, Chockwich Mtn. Bike Trail and Edith Falls 
FSR #4080 Goat Lake/Elliott Creek   This is the road that goes up to Goat Lake & Chockwich Falls Trails 
FSR #29 Texas Pond / Rinker Road   This is the road that goes to Texas Pond 
FSR #2820 Crevice Creek Road   This is the North Mountain roads to Twin Bridges 
FSR #2811 North Mountain Road   This road accesses North Mountain on the southern end 
FSR #2810 North Fork Stilly Road   This is the road from FSR#28 to the road that goes up to the North Mountain Lookout. 
FSR #28 North Fork Stilly Road   This comes up from SR 530 passing Christian Camp and covers a large span of North Mountain, 
FSR #2703 Circle Creek Road   This road is off of the Straight Creek Road, FSR #27, it goes to both the Crystal Lake Trail & Circle Peak Trail cutoff. 
FSR #27 Straight Creek / Rat Trap Pass Road    
FSR #2680 Green Mountain Road   This is the road that goes to the Green Mountain Trailhead 
FSR #2660 Tenas Creek Road   This is the road to the Boulder Lake Trailhead 
FSR #2640 - 2642 Grade Creek Roads, FS #2640 & #2642   The roads to Tupso Lake 
FSR #26 Suiattle River Road, FSR #26   This is a very important road accessing many trails and the PCT 
FSR #2510 Conrad Creek Road   This road goes along Conrad Creek and eventuall a quarry 
FSR #25 Straight Creek Road   Road crossing Boundary Bridge over to Circle Creek 
FSR #2430 - 2435 White Chuck Ridge/Upper Conn Road   This is the winding roller coaster road to the White Chuck Ridge 
FSR #24 Gold Hill Road   Scenic drive and access to the sweet springs and #2435 - White Chuck Ridge 
FSR #23 White Chuck Road   This road connects from the Mountain Loop Highway to Rat Trap Pass 
FSR #2095 Mt. Pugh Road   This is the road that goes up to the Mount Pugh Trailhead 
FSR #2080, 2081, 2086 Peek - A - Boo Lake Roads   This may feel like all one road when you drive to the trailhead but it is a series of roads 
FSR #2080 Falls Creek Road   This is the portion of FS #2080 past the gate to Falls Creek Falls 
FSR #2075 - #2076 Helena Creek Road   FSR #2075 starts off of FSR #2070 and ends on FSR #2076. This is the road that takes you to the Helena Ridge User Trail 
FSR #2070 Murphy Creek Road   Accessed from the Mountain Loop Highway going up to Helena Ridge 
FSR #2065 Copper Creek Road   Road to several climbing routes 
FSR #2060 Clear Creek Road   Road to Asbestos Creek Falls, Three O'clock Rock, Eight Mile Trail & Bornite 
FSR #2030 Neiderprum Road, FS #2030   Most of this road is currently not able to drive. This is the road that goes up to the Neiderprum Trail & Snow Gulch 
FSR #2010 French Creek Road   This is the road that goes up to Boulder River Trail and Feature Show Falls 
FSR #1880 Bolt Camp Road   This road takes you to the beautiful wetlands of Cascade Creek and ends near Segelsen Creek 
FSR #1855 Segesen Ridge Road   This off of FSR #18, a high rugged road with specatular vistas 
FSR #1850 Coney Pass Road   This road is off of FSR #18, Segelsen Road. It takes you to the Round Mountain User Trail and further down to a meadow. Very over grown at this time. 
FSR #18 Segelson Road    This road starts off from Swede Heaven County Road. FSR #18 will eventually connect with FSR #17 and take you up to Cumberland Pass. 
FRS #2040 Squire Creek Pass Road   This road accesses the Squire Creek Pass Trailhead 
 Texas Pond   Beautiful Texas Pond with one picnic site and one camping site 
 White Chuck Overlook   Picnic area, viewpoint and vault toilet off of Mountain Loop Highway 
 White Chuck Boat Launch   This is the boat launch at the conflunances of White Chuck & Suiattle Rivers 
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