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Adopt A Special Place

Adopting a special place is similar to adopting a road.  When volunteering to go work at your adopted place dress for safety, be sure to keep a record of how many volunteers worked and total hours, and before and after pictures with a digital camera.  Keep drainage and parking areas clear of debris when applicable and keep your special place garbage free.  FFPU adopters work in partnership with government agencies and owners of these spacial places. All pending hazards and liabilities are reported to the FFPU coordinator. 

What is a special place?  It could be a lake, stream, boat launch or parking area.  What ever place you feel needs a little TLC to keep it that special place.

Would you like to become a FFPU volunteer adopter?  Find out more by contacting us.  Your special place may be
available for adoption!

Top Photo: Our beautiful Texas Pond is now adopted by Don and kept clean!
Bottom Photo:  Adventure Cascades has adopted the White Chuck Boat launch and has scraped all the debris off of the pavement and keeps the parking area clean!

Are special places looking nice and clean? 
You may want to thank a Friend or better yet become one!