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Bringing Positive Change!

Volunteers Working Together For A Greater Good Is Very Powerful!

The beautiful Prairie Lakes have seen their share of trouble from illegal dumping, now "Friends Ed & Don have adopted the lakes!

Now the lakes will receive the love and dedication of "Friends"  and the grounds around the lake and shores will be kept clean.

It takes hours to help keep our forest roads healthy so that so that public access can remain open.  Our "Friend" Russ spent 8 hours cleaning the branches and debris from the saturated fragile shoulders of the White Chuck Road.

Why do we love working this hard?  Because we are very devoted to keeping our American heritage of keeping public access to our public lands.

Part of what we do is just simple common sense, to keep vehicle traffic driving on the roadbed.  We want to keep our roads to magical destinations so we can pass down these legacies from generation to generation.

If you are looking to preserve our public access to the backcountry, you just might want to become a "Friend".  We are contributing to a positive change!

Our "Friend" Don has the garbage he collected off of French Creek Road and he's heading off home leaving French Creek cleaner and bringing positive change to our backcountry.