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Making A Difference!

Looking For Volunteering To Accomplish Something Great? 
Consider becoming a "Friend"!  FFPU, Friends For Public Use is always looking for new members!

This FFPU volunteer work crew brushed out over one mile of thick brush and Alder on the Bedal Creek Road, forest road #4096.  This over grown road was becoming a driving hazard for hikers heading up to the trailhead.  Work on this road will continue as we clear ditches and get water to drain away from the road.

Taking a break at the Boardman Lake emergency work-party.  We cleared three long stretches of ditch that rainy November day.  It was a long days work but when we were done the water was flowing back in the ditches and saved the road off expensive damage.

Two men set out to clean a mountain which is a really big job! Load after load of old garbage was hauled down from North Mountain and the headwaters of the North Fork Stillaguamish River.  That mountain is now kept clean by our volunteer Don.  This proves that one person can bring very positive change!

During the summer months of 2012  FFPU member volunteers set out to clear the encroaching willows that was closing in on Grade Creek Road.  The willows were beginning to root into the roadbed and soon there would on road at all. All of the willow was cut back and the road is drivable again!