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Road Trip Report Form

Friends For Public Use Road Report

When working with FFPU on forest roads wearing long pants, work boots, safety vest and hardhat is required by the Darrington Ranger District. To begin your forest road report drive to the beginning of the road that you will be reporting on and zero your odometer. You will now record your observations and work on a mile by mile. Example: you are driving along and come to a log blocking a ditch at mile 5.1. You will write down the mileage, take a photo of the existing problem and fix it if you can. After this problem as been fixed take a post photo of your work. Make a note about this location if there as been ongoing road damage occurring due to the problem. We take before and after photos so that various forest service departments can see the road situations that are occurring and even though the roadbed may show signs of some erosion that this problem has been resolved.


Road: #             ,    Road Name:

Ditches cleared:

Ditch work is completed to mile #

Unresolved obstruction blocking ditch at mile #

Brief description:

Photo taken: Yes _____, No _____

Ditches are completely cleared on this road: Yes____, No____

Debris cleared:

Debris were cleared off road up to mile #

Unresolved obstruction blocking road at mile #

Brief description:

Photo taken: Yes_____, No _____

Road is completely cleared of Debris: Yes____, No____

Culverts cleared:

Clearing of culverts were completed to mile #

Are there culverts blocked at less than 80%? Yes____, No____

Located at mile#

Comments, please note if culvert is metal or PVC:

Damaged or collapsing culverts were noted at mile #

Culvert is metal: _______ PVC: _______

Photo taken: Yes _____, No _____

Unresolved obstruction or slide blocking culvert at mile # __________


Photo taken: Yes _____, No _____

Culverts are completely cleared on this road: Yes____, No____

How much garbage was removed from this road on this trip?

Number of gallons:

Number of cubic yards:

(Please take a photo of the accumulated garbage removed per road trip report)

Road cracking was detected at mile #

Upward slope shoulder ____

Downward slope shoulder ____

Center of road____

Photos of pending road problems have been taken: Yes ______, No ______

Trip Report by:

Would you like to request a Friends Work Party for a larger problem on your adopted road?


Phone #:

Total Volunteers: Total volunteer hours for this project: