Adopt A Road

What Does It Mean To Adopt A Forest Road?

Our "Friend" Nels is getting the water off of Segelsen Road before it can cause damage

When you volunteer to adopt a forest road you become the eyes for that road and will drive the road several times during the year, this is especially important during spring runoff and snow-melt when roads are most vulnerable. Some roads are very long and you can opt to only adopt a segment of road based on a mile by mile marker. The governmental owner is responsible for road safety. Information on pending hazards and possible liabilities such as loss of shoulder reflectors, traffic and road signs missing and dangerous road damage needs to be reported to these officials so that repairs and maintenance can be calculated for the season. We also keep mileage until snow is encountered on the road to help keep road conditions up to date.

White Chuck Road is still waiting to be adopted

By adopting a road our objective is to try to keep roadbeds healthy and attempt to avoid future costly repairs. The adopter routinely removes manageable sized debris from the road. This is especially important when you encounter an obstruction forcing drivers to the soft shoulder causing damage to the road. Debris are also removed from culverts and ditches and catch basins of the road. You cannot have a healthy road without good drainage! Once you have driven "your" road several times it will become familiar like a good friend. You will begin to see what culverts need more attention because of clogging, where ditches tend to catch debris, etc. The familiarity of "your" road may be the most valuable asset of adopting a road. One more job of a road adopter is to keep "your" road garbage free. We are sorry to say garbage is a very renewable problem! We are also very glad to say that our observation has been by keeping our roads and backcountry clean, it has been staying that way longer!

The Friends For Public Use is a grassroots effort that started in Darrington, Washington. It is our goal through volunteer efforts to keep our public access open and clean. This movement is beginning to spread to other areas and we hope to someday see these efforts to keep our access to our backcountry become nation wide.

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Your favorite road may be available for adoption!

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